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Our School Garden

Garden Work Day 2012

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Spring Gardens 2011

Now is the time to start spring gardens. Some ideas are cucumbers, greens, early  tomatoes, radishes, cilantro and more!  It you are interested in  a garden come by the school at 575 Hays Street  (next to Douglass Jr. HIgh)  and sign up for a class. (You must be a student or on staff to have a garden.) We would love to see you join us in the garden  or stop by on a Saturday morning at the garden to meet and greet the gardeners at the corner of Elm and Bartlett.

If you are interested in volunteering our next "work" day will be posted here soon.

Check out our links for gardening ideas, suggestions and hints. (Scroll down to see links, copy and paste them into your internet address bar) I  hope to link them directly  to this page soon!

Our New Shed

garden shed 004.jpggarden shed 005.jpg



Thanks  to  everyone who gave up their precious Saturday to help put together our new shed!

Garden Notes






Helpful Hint:Keep weeds at a minimum by watering only directly at the base of the plant. Small “bowls” at the base of the plant are good for holding the water

Also, cover areas that you don’t have planted. First,  cover paths and other areas with old carpet (turned upside down), cardboard (try appliance stores or bikes shops for big pieces), straw,  or newspaper. Then, cover  with bark and you will have a beautiful garden and minimal weeding to do.



 WAE SCHOOL GARDEN BLOG-http://staffandstudentgarden.blogspot.com/2010/04/spring-garden-2010

MASTER GARDENER SITE-http://ceyolo.ucdavis.edu/Gardening_and_Master_Gardening/Free_Gardening_Handouts

SACRAMENTOCOMMUNITY GARDEN LINK- http://www.saccommunitygardens.org/index


REMINDER-. **Do not leave water running unattended. Call 308-1115  for any gardening emergency.     **Please label your garden with  your name clearly written or painted on a sign. There is  black paint in the shed and wood scraps.   *** Keep trash picked up.


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